Love Thy Family

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There is something lacking even in a perfect relationship with God. The progression of Eden’s words were: “good,” “very good,” “NOT Good.”

The Genesis poem says: The LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone,” so He made family. Life is not complete until there is divine love between you and another.

God’s reality is present within family. He said: “If you receive a child you receive me.” In a sense, family is sacramental; they create moments when God becomes present. The first glimmerings of God are seen in family. The reality of the Ineffable exists in our beloved.

We inhabit the mystery and blessedness of Love in the sanctum our own homes. Temples have three bedrooms, a family room, a kitchen, and toys to trip over. Family love is Christ’s presence.

Love thy family. In order to rightly love thy family, and to wholly feel it, love has to be the kind of love that loves everyone. Even with perfect love toward the Divine, we are not complete until there is Divine love between us and all.

The love a man has for his family is the greatest love a man can have, if his love is singular; but when love becomes plural, it becomes eternal. And that is a better kind of love to love thy family with. That kind of love becomes infused with all of eternity, and when it does, all love is directed toward his wife and his children.

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